Thursday, December 30, 2010

Alisyn Camerota + Courtney Friel = 4 Great Legs on FOX News

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  1. i want ur thighs around my neck

  2. Her nickname on the net is Aly Cumerota!

  3. yeah i want to take turns licking every inch of there thighs until i reach there mounds. while my hand reaches for one of allies perfect breast

  4. Aly makes me cumalotta

  5. Alison has the hottest legs iv,e ever seen

  6. Aly them are the hottest legs on the planet. im fantasizing what it would be like to have them wrapped around my waist.

  7. Aly filled in for Martha today
    Her magnificent legs were on full display
    With no pesky desk to get in her way
    Aly was game for "leggy" foreplay

    Her devilish grin and a wink in her eye
    Skimpy skirt riding way up her thigh
    Aly loves to show off her gams
    Did she get you aroused, what's that in your hands?

    Don't be embarrassed it happens a lot
    She gave you a woody, she's MILF'y hot!
    Cum back tomorrow she'll seduce you again
    Aly get's off teasing horny young men

  8. Ican,t believe it she.s reily old compared to me. but as soon as i see her sexy sexy legs or a peek down her dress i exsplode

  9. Jesus Aly what gorgeous gams
    I'm so aroused & my cock's in my hands
    Sleek & slender so long & lean
    The sexiest legs I've ever seen

    Your skirt rides so high up your luscious thigh
    When you get me off I cum 10 feet high
    So Mistress Aly don't ever wear slacks
    Cuz' your gams are too hot to be kept under wraps

  10. Aly has incredibly gorgeous legs, no other news babe show her legs off more confidently than Aly does.

    She prefers the "bare" look, but on the rare occasion she wears hosiery the effect is dramatic. Her luscious legs become elegant & glamorous and they sparkle & shine like diamonds. When she completes that look with a pair of classic black pumps it's wickedly sexy.

  11. alisyn legs are amazing love looking at them